Moving away from ThemeForest

As it is getting harder to get a theme accepted on ThemeForest, I’ve decided to move away from it and start on my own instead.

Moving to using Easy Digital Downloads and WordPress instead will now give me more freedom when it comes to pricing, bundles, discount codes and sales which I look forward to play around with.

I have spent most of this year so far creating free WordPress themes. As a “Trusted Author” I was able to get my themes accepted within a day or two. However, the TA-program was ended – for reasons I completely understand and agree with – and it will now take around two months to get a theme accepted on the theme directory.

This gave me some time to sit down and think about how to approach the future. I’ve come to the conclusion, by looking at the statistics, that the more free themes I’ve made, the less premium ones I’ve sold. So, the next step for me now is to make more premium themes instead of free ones and see how that goes.

Don’t get me wrong – I love making free themes, get feedback on them and contribute to the open-source community, but I’ve realized that it may not have been the smartest move when it comes to actually making a decent income. It has definitely not been good, if you look at the sales only. But then there are other positives such as more website traffic, happy users and good reviews – so it has not only been bad.

I’m completely new to selling outside of ThemeForest, and I’m curious to see how it will go. Let us hope that it goes well.