The UFO Timeline’s design and functionality is complete – 1,5 years later

May 3, 2023 · News & Updates

I’ve had this website as a fun side-project for the last year and a half, and recently I think I reached a point where it is pretty complete as a website. We are talking about design and functionality, not including the content of course, which is updated as soon something noteworthy happens.

Make sure to check it out: – it’s better live than what the screenshots can show, with hover effects and so on.

For people who prefer the site light and easy on the eyes, I’ve made sure that the light mode looks just as good as the dark one.

The site has also been polished for mobile, as much of the traffic comes from mobiles. It is worth checking out the site live here as well, as it includes some interesting details, like a scroll-% indicator around the sticky menu button.

And of course you have a working light mode, if you prefer to browse with a light background on mobile as well.

Each category is color-coded which makes it easy to see what part of the site you are on, and what content you are reading about. Take your pick:

And separate from the main timeline, there are also two new sections currently under development:

Have fun browsing around on the site. Hopefully the content, which this site is all about, is worth reading and viewing.

Thanks for checking it out!