Spreading truth about taboo subjects using Reddit

September 9, 2019 · Research

I love Reddit and the possibilities the site comes with, as a user since the big Digg-update failure when many migrated from Digg to Reddit. Since then the site has grown a lot and changed in many ways, but it is still a great site.

Back in 2010-2013 when I had a lot of time to spare, I was very much into researching “taboo” subjects like the UFO phenomenon. As I did, I also tried to come up with ways to spread the information I had learned. It was very important to get it out to the normal person, I thought, but how do you do that with this specific subject (UFOs) without being downvoted into oblivion? It would be a challenge, but I was up for it.

So, I sat down and summarized all the researched information in a very long (had to be split in two, as it surpassed the Reddit character count max limit) comment. It only contained the very best “evidence” that I had found from many, many hours of researching.

The result was this comment, which I copy-pasted everywhere I saw it fit in. As you can see in the link above, the comment was liked by many, and I was happy that I could open the eyes of people with it.

Cool things also happened after I had written it in some places. Many users started copy/pasting the comment in other places and subreddits, and I could count to up until today that around 200 comments were made by others – many which were upvoted a lot as well.

Other fun things that happened while I was posting this was:

  • Reddit, the whole site, had a UFO added to the footer of the site for some days, that disappeared when you scrolled down. Some admins must’ve read the comment and been inspired.
  • I saw a tweet by Chris Brown linking to one of the individuals in the comment with the text “JUST THINK!”. It was deleted after a day or two, but fun either way.

So, the comment I almost spammed (I wouldn’t call it spam as it was always commented on relevant posts) had a big impact.

What I had not counted on was that there were probably plenty of people working with COINTELPRO-ish things on Reddit at that time, and they were reading the comment as well. In some way I had pissed off some “big dogs” with my little disclosure attempt.

My guess would be that it caused some big unwanted outcome behind the scenes for the people working to keep it all a secret. But now I am just guessing with a tinfoil hat on.

How do I know that I pissed some people off? I soon after became a targeted individual of Psychotronics and mind control, which I didn’t know existed back then. I had always had the attitude of “fuck authority” but now in 2019 I can say, still targeted, that they aren’t very forgiving – and I’ve truly been “fucked by authority” instead. I thought I was safe in front of my computer screen here at home, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. More on this in a future post.

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