Milestone reached: 30 free WordPress themes

April 5, 2022 · News & Updates

Over the years I’ve released some free themes for WordPress on the theme directory when I’ve felt inspired. Some days ago I reached a milestone: 30 themes that are totally free to download for anyone. 100% GPL-licensed of course, as open source rocks. The themes available can be found on this list. A lot has been learned from each release. Currently around 650 000+ downloads in total.

What is next? Perhaps I’ll look into learning more about WordPress’ new block themes and full site editing… which I have not been a big fan of. Why not? Simply because the more flexibility, the less freedom with the design. All full site editing themes look pretty much the same. One official full site editing theme would’ve been enough.

Anyway, if you are looking for simple, bloat-free themes that still stand out design-wise, make sure to take a look at Enjoy.